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Guitar inlays are not only extremely popular, they are also beautiful. Inlaying a guitar is a true art that can takes a lifetime to perfect. I have listed a few books by some of the world’s most respected inlay artists. You can use these books to learn the art of inlaying guitars or just get some ideas for custom inlays.

This dazzling showcase of the art of inlay provides artistic inspiration as well as how-to instruction and design insights–written by the inlay artist for U2, Led Zeppelin, and many more. Over 100 color photographs show you exquisite inlays in musical instruments, wooden boxes, and various objets d’art, while black-and-white photos and drawings guide you through the intricate process of creating your own.

The book has been revised and expanded throughout, including an additional 16-page gallery of wonderfully creative inlay examples, as well as new techniques developed by the author. This book is both a celebration of this woodworking art and a hands-on guide to its design, techniques, tools, and unusual materials.

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An instruction manual for inlaying abalone and mother-of-pearl

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Grit Laskin has been building guitars for more than 30 years. Among his guitars’ many outstanding qualities is their striking inlay art. Laskin is credited with creating a bold new art from the age-old tradition of musical instrument inlay.

In his hands, shell, stone, legal ivories, and metals emerge as the palette and brushes of a re-invented medium. This is the first book to document the breadth of his work and the techniques he has devised. 200 color photographs are featured.

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This exquisite book is both a celebration of the art of inlay and a hands-on guide to its materials, tools, and techniques.

Includes over 70 color photos, diagrams, and how-to instructions and design insights from Larry Robinson, inlay artist for Fleetwood Mac, The Who, Led Zeppelin, and others.

A must-have for anyone interested in this fascinating art form. 112 pages, 7-3/8 inch. x 9-1/4 inch.

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Contemporary Design & Technique for Musical Instruments – Fine Woodworking

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