Best 7 String Electric Guitars

best-7-string-guitarsFinding the best 7 string guitar that is made of high-quality materials and has that metal sound can be kind of hard. There are tons of different 7-string electric guitars out there and not all of them are that good.

That’s why we’ve looked at all of the different seven strings on the market. We’ve reviewed the most popular 7-string electric guitars, so you don’t have to.

Regardless of your guitar playing style or music genre, sometimes 6 strings just aren’t enough to get the Led out. Let’s take a look at some guitars!

List of Best 7-String Electric Guitars

Here is a list of the top metal 7-string guitars that sound awesome and have all the features you need to rock.

Schecter Hellraiser C-7

schecter-7-string-guitarSpecs, features, and benefits

From a company that originally produced replacement parts for the big brands, Schecter Guitar Research has gradually come into its own. Schecter proudly offers custom made guitars as well as general guitars, all of which are designed to exceed the generally acceptable standards.

The Hellraiser C-7 is a guitar built to literally raise the level of your play. This is not an average guitar and it is not for average playing. It is solidly built with a mahogany body, a 3-piece mahogany neck and a quilted maple top.

The tonal possibilities on this baby is crazy. The combination of the EMG Active 81-7 pickup with Schecter’s Sustainiac pick-up opens up a whole new world of tonal possibilities. This guitar can surely raise hell!

Pros and Highlights

  • Amazing tonal offering – The Schecter Sustainiac pick-up adds an amazing dimension to the EMG active 81-7 pickup. They both deliver an awesome tonal palette.
  • Solid build – The build on this is great. The mahogany body, 3-piece neck and quilted, maple top are well put together.
  • Great hardware – It comes with Floyd Rose 1000 series bridge system, Grover tuners and of course awesome pickups.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • Setup – It may require some setup before it is ready for playing.

Bottom Line

This is not just a 7-string guitar, it is an amazing guitar especially because of the tonal versatility that the Sustainiac pickup adds to it. If you love creating out-of-this-world sounds, then this guitar is certainly for you.

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schecter-7-string-electric-guitarSpecs, features, and benefits

If we know anything about Schecter by now, it is that this brand is always looking for ways to raise the bar. It loves setting the pace for others to follow and it does this consistently.

Well, Schecter has done it again. Above, we were raving about the capabilities of the Hellraiser C-7 and now we have the Banshee Elite-7 FR to contend with. Truth be told, this axe takes it a notch higher.

As you will expect, it’s got a great build with a swash-ash body with flamed maple top and a maple-walnut neck. It gets better though.

In addition to the Schecter USA Supercharger Mach7 and Sustainiac Pickups which on their own offer amazing tonal capabilities, this guitar adds a Floyd Rose Trem system. You don’t just get a crazy sustain pickup but also a tremolo system to further color your tone.

Pros and Highlights

  • Great build – As you will expect from a Schecter guitar, it is well built with solid tonewoods.
  • Quality hardware – Every piece of hardware on this guitar is top quality.
  • Crazy tonal capabilities – Between the pickups and the tremolo system, this guitar will deliver amazing tonal variations.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • Packaging – Its packaging can be a lot better, plus it does not come with any kind of case or bag.

Bottom Line

This is a guitar for the professional guitarist that wants a lot more than the everyday guitar offers. The possibilities presented here is out of this world.

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Ibanez Universe UV7 Steve Vai 7 String Guitar


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Ibanez APEX20 Munky Korn 7-string Guitar


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Ibanez RGD Series RGDIX7MPB 7-String Electric Guitar

top-ibanez-7-string-guitarsSpecs, features, and benefits

When Ibanez introduced the first commercially produced 7-string guitar in 1990, it did not really know that this was going to be the beginning of a new phenomenon. The Universe UV7 (as it was called then) was a solid body 7-string guitar designed in conjunction with Steve Vai.

Many years later and after many different editions of 70string guitars, Ibanez offers this lovely Iron Label RGD Series 7-string guitar. For starters, it looks really great in a unique way. It Combines a layered ash body (which matches the bird’s eye white maple fingerboard) with a surreal blue burst poplar burl top to give it its unique look.

More than just the look, the 26.5 inch scale length offers more playing versatility while the two humbucking pickups mastermind its tonal delivery. Ibanez has really delivered something lovely here at an affordable price.

Pros and Highlights

  • 5 inch scale length – This gives players more room for expression and versatility.
  • Lovely design – Its unique combination of colors and design makes it stand out.
  • Pickups – The two humbuckers help sculpt its lovely tone.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • Controls – If you love more control options on your guitar, this may not offer that with its volume knob and 3-way selector switch.

Bottom Line

For the metal guitarist who needs a 7-string guitar that will give him/her all the room they need for expressions and at an affordable price too, this 26.5 inch scale offers all that and more.

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Music Man JP70-TPB 7-String John Petrucci Signature Guitar

ernie-ball-music-man-7-string-guitarSpecs, features, and benefits

Sterling by Music Man produces those legendary guitar designs by the iconic Ernie Ball Music Man brand. For this brand, the goal is simply to build the best guitars for all classes and levels of musicians and it has consistently ensured that its high standards are always adhered to.

Looking at this brand’s John Petrucci Signature 7-string guitar – the JP70-TPB, the care and thoroughness that goes into the production of these guitars shines through. This particular guitar was built to John Petrucci‘s Music Man JP6 specification.

It is built for comfortable play with its contoured forearm scoop and you can expect good tonal precision with the two high-output pickups which you can control with the 3-way switch. You can also add more color to your tone with the included modern tremolo system.

Pros and Highlights

  • Signature guitar – It was built to John Petrucci‘s Music Man JP6 specification.
  • Well-built – It is really well-built and the finish is lovely.
  • Great hardware – The included hardware aid playability and help improve its tonal quality.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • Bridge pickup – There have been a few isolated cases of folks having some issues with this pickup.

Bottom Line

If you love the John Petrucci sound, then this is a very affordable opportunity to achieve that sound. It’s as simple as that and you may never find such an opportunity at such an affordable price.

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ESP E-II Horizon FR-7

esp-7-string-guitarSpecs, features, and benefits

ESP Guitars is dedicated solely to the production of electric guitars and basses. This brand has been in business for over 40 years and has made quite an impression in its niche with the quality of its guitars.

The E-II Horizon FR-7 7-String Guitar is simply a work of art. Merely looking at this guitar you cannot help but fall in love with it. With a lovely alder body, a maple neck and ebony fingerboard, only the best of tonewood was used in every instance.

Turning to the electronics, we find two solid EMG humbuckers that are controlled with the volume/tone knobs with toggle switch. This is a serious guitar with a serious tonal delivery. If you are looking for a 7-string guitar that will deliver at the highest level, simply go for this.

Pros and Highlights

  • Top quality build – The craftsmanship exhibited here is top notch. It is very well made.
  • Quality hardware – With its Gotoh tuners, Floyd Rose original bridge and locking nut, you can’t ask for better hardware.
  • Great tone – The two humbucking pickups deliver excellent tone.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • Cost – It is quite expensive.

Bottom Line

This is the kind of guitar you turn to when you want nothing but the best and cost is no issue. Really and truly, with this guitar, you get exactly what you pay for.

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Ibanez RG Series RG7421

ibanez-rg-7-string-guitarSpecs, features, and benefits

It’s Ibanez again, the first major manufacturer of 7-string electric guitars, this time offering the Ibanez RG7421 which it calls a “made-for-metal beast”. The first thing to note about this guitar is its very balanced but lightweight body made of basswood. This for starters adds some serious resonance to its tone. Of course, the neck which consists of a 5-piece walnut/maple combo, is very slim and adds playability to the mix.

At the heart of this beast are two humbucking pickups that deliver very high output. You can control these very easily with the 5-way selector switch. This helps you sculpt the tone you want.

It also comes with a fixed bridge and tuning machines that really hold the tune for a long time. If you are looking to try your hands on a 7-string guitar for the first time, you should start with this.

Pros and Highlights

  • Playability – It is lightweight and the neck is quite slim, making it very easy to play.
  • Good tone – The combination of the well-built body and pickups deliver a good tonal quality.
  • Affordable – This guitar is very affordable.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • This is may not be suitable for real professional use.

Bottom Line

This is probably one of the most affordable 7-string electric guitars you may find. This makes it ideal for anyone who is not so sure about 7-strings and just needs an affordable entry into it. Ibanez here offers a good balance between cost and value.

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Schecter Omen Extreme-7 Electric Guitar

schecter-7-string-electric-guitar-reviewsSpecs, features, and benefits

If you thought you may never find a Schecter 7-string guitar that will fall within your budget, you may have been quite wrong. As far as Schecter guitars go, this is probably a giveaway.

Understanding that not everyone will be able to spend over $1000 on a guitar, Schecter now offers 7-string guitar enthusiasts a very affordable entrant into the Schecter 7-string guitar family.

The Omen Extreme-7 offers everything you’ve come to expect from a Schecter guitar. It all begins with the mahogany body which provides the resonating base for the guitar’s tone and then the playability offered by the lovely maple neck with it rosewood fingerboard.

These provide the right setting for the introduction of the great tone and sustain offered by the two Diamond Plus pickups. With the tone control knobs as well as the 3-way switch, you can mold the guitar’s tone to achieve exactly what suits your music or mood.

This guitar is affordable but not of inferior quality.

Pros and Highlights

  • Lovely presentation – The guitar is very well-built and looks really gorgeous.
  • Adaptive play orientation – Both left and right handed players can work with this guitar perfectly.
  • Warranty – It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • Setup – The guitar comes setup but may still require a few tweaks to be ready for play.

Bottom Line

You may never find a Schecter guitar this cheap. If you are looking for a great 7-string guitar on a very tight budget, this should be your pick.

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Jackson JS22-7 Dinky

jackson-7-string-electric-guitarSpecs, features, and benefits

Don’t be deceived by the seemingly unknown name “Jackson” into thinking that this is a brand you can wave aside. The Jackson Guitar brand is owned by Fender, that’s the muscle behind the brand.

Jackson has jumped into the 7-string guitar fray with this low-priced 7-string guitar – the JS22-7. Let’s take a close look at this guitar.

The body is made of basswood with a dark satin finish to give it a serious but lovely look. For fast and easy play, the neck is made of maple and complimented with a rosewood fingerboard which makes play fast and enjoyable. Chords are also easier to hold thanks to the size of the frets.

Yeah, the basswood body already provides good resonance but the double humbucking pickups are at the heart of this guitar’s sound room. The tone delivery and sustain of these pickups are simply inspiring.

Pros and Highlights

  • Looks great – This is a great looking guitar, well-made and well-finished.
  • Playability – It is lightweight, has a neck that enhances fast play and action that is just right.
  • Great tone – For its price, it has a very good tone.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • Stock strings – Depending on your preference, you may find the stock strings a bit too light.

Bottom Line

For those on a very tight budget, this guitar is just at the right price point for you. It offers great value without making a total mess of your budget. You will love it.

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ESP LTD MH-17 7-string Electric Guitar

esp-ltd-7-string-guitar-reviewSpecs, features, and benefits

We all know that ESP makes great guitars which are usually beyond the price range that many can afford. Here’s the good news! ESP has not just provided a modestly priced 7-string electric guitar but an amazingly affordable one.

The ESP LTD MH-17 is a solid body 7-string electric guitar that is great for starting your journey into the world of 7-string guitars. Made of a basswood body designed for very comfortable play (while standing or seated) and a maple neck with its large sized-frets ergonomically designed for enhanced playability, this guitar will rock most modern styles of music – from progressive rock to full metal.

For the price, the sound you will get from the two high-output humbucking pickups is sure to impress you.

Pros and Highlights

  • Affordable – This guitar is very affordable.
  • Playability – The body is designed to be very comfortable and the neck enhances playability.
  • Warranty – It comes with a 45-day return and 60-day price protection policy.

Cons and Potential Flaws

  • Pickups – For a more professional tone, you may want to replace the pickups.

Bottom Line

If you’re not yet sure you about the 7-string guitar and just wish to give it a try, this is a very affordable way of trying it out. Aside from its very low cost, it is also very comfortable and easy to play. With this, you can get a good taste of the sound and feel of a 7-string guitar without breaking your bank.

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What We Recommend and Why

It’s verdict time again and we are once again torn between a number of choices. After careful deliberation, our pick for the top 7-string guitar from the list of guitars reviewed above is the Schecter Banshee Elite-7.

For us, this offers the best balance between value (a great build, top quality hardware and a very wide tonal palette) and cost.

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