Electric Guitar Repair Guides, Instructions, & Tips

In my opinion, guitars are meant to be played. This usually means guitars are meant to be abused. Between harsh weather conditions, abusive concerts, and grueling road trips guitars take a beating. There are any number of problems your guitar can experience due to neglect or lack of maintenance. Here’s my list of some of the most common guitar repairs as well as problems with electric guitars. Please scroll down to see the guitar repair topics I have written about.


Lower Electric Guitar Action - Action Adjustment

Action Adjustment

Electric guitar action is the height of the strings above the fretboard. High action makes your guitar harder play. There are many causes of high action…

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Electric Guitar Body Binding Repair

Guitar Body Binding

Many electric guitars have traditional made out or wood or plastic like acoustic guitar. Other Electric Guitars have natural binding often called a “scrape binding”…

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Electric Guitar Fretboard Binding Repair

Fretboard Binding

Fretboard binding is used to cover the ends of the frets and create a border around the fretboard. Fretboard binding can come loose or break…

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Electric Guitar Bridge Repair

Guitar Bridge Repair

There are many different kinds of electric guitar bridges: Fender, Gibson, Floyd Rose. Each bridge requires unique repairs…

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Setup Electric Guitar For Drop C or Altered Tunings

Setup for Altered Tunings

Many guitarists are using drop tunings like drop C to get a more metal sound. Switching string gauges and lowering tunings require…

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Electric Guitar Electronics Repair

Electronics Repair

Guitar electronics can have many problems: crackling, phasing out… You may want to install new electronics: coil-tap, push-pull pots…

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Electric Guitar Finish Repair

Guitar Finish Repair

Electric guitar finish can crack, dent, and chip. Most small cracks can be fixed… What type of finish does my electric guitar have?

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Electric Guitar Fret Repair

Guitar Fret Repair

Electric guitar frets wear down and need to be dressed. Frets also come loose, become damaged, and need to be replaced…

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Electric Guitar Fretboard Repair

Fretboard Repair

Electric guitar fretboards can warp or crack due to improper truss rod adjustment… Fretboard inlays may also require repair…

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Electric Guitar Intonation Adjustment

Intonation Adjustment

Why does my guitar sound out of tune the higher I play? Intonation is the strings’ tuning at higher frets: sharp or flat…

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Electric Guitar Neck Repair

Guitar Neck Repair

Electric guitar necks can warp, crack, or even break. Sometimes electric guitar necks just need to be reset or have some bolts tightened…

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Electric Guitar Nut Repair

Guitar Nut Repair

Electric guitar nuts can wear down and break. High or low nuts can causes intonation and action problems. Most nuts can be easily fixed…

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Electric Guitar Pickup Repair

Guitar Pickup Repair

Electric guitar pickup need to be set up and positioned properly. Pickup wiring can get corroded. You may want to install new pickups…

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Restring an Electric Guitar

Restring a Guitar

For beginning guitarists, restringing a guitar can be complicated. I will show you how to string all styles of electric guitars…

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Electric Guitar Strap Button Repair

Strap Button Repair

Electric guitar strat buttons can come loose or strip the threads. You may want to replace strap buttoms with stap-locks…

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Eliminate Electric Guitar String Buzz Repair

Eliminate String Buzzing

Electric guitar string usual buzz because the action is too low. String buzzing can also be caused from worn or high frets, saddle placement…

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Electric Guitar Truss Rod Repair

Truss Rod Adjustment

An Electric Guitar Truss Rod is inlayed in the neck and places or releases tension on the neck causing the neck to straighten or bow making the action…

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Electric Guitar Tuner Repair

Guitar Tuner Repair

Older electric guitar tuners can get stiff and hard to turn. The tuner can also become stripped and require replacement. Learn how to maintain tuners…

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Complete Electric Guitar Setup

Full Electric Guitar Set-up

Electric guitars should play effortlessly and sound great; they just need to be properly setup. How to fully setup your guitar…

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Electric Guitar General Care, Cleaning, and Maintenance

Care and maintenance

For electric guitars to play smoothly, they must be maintained properly. Learn how clean and maintain your guitar…

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Electric Guitar Repair Parts and Tools

Repair Parts & Tools

Here are links to all kinds of repairs parts for electric guitars, like bridges, pickups, and tuners as well as repair tools…

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  1. I am in love with guitar. I have an old Gibson guitar, which need to be repaired. My Dad has given it to me to learn guitar playing. Before that I have purchased guitar saddle screws & bridges to install there. I really liked your tips and instructions shared here. I going to install it myself. Wish me best of luck for the first DIY project.

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