Electric Guitar Building Articles and Instructions.

Electric guitar building is a true art form. I have fallen in love with building electric guitars ever since I built my first Telecaster-style guitar. Since that time, I have repaired and built countless electric guitars in almost every different style. I am always looking to start a new electric guitar project or build a new custom guitar.

Throughout my pursuit of knowledge and experience in building electric guitars, I have found very little instructional information and guidance online. I strive to provide you with the most detailed instructional articles about building electric guitars on the web, so you will not have to learn the art of guitar building by trial and error. Hopefully, my articles will inspire and empower you to build beautiful electric guitars. I have written many articles covering every step of the electric guitar building process from selecting wood to spraying lacquer. You do not have to be an expert to read or understand my articles. As a luthier, I show you step-by-step every process of building electric guitars. My electric guitar building articles will equip you with the knowledge to go out and start building an electric guitar today.

Whether you have never built an electric guitar before or you are an experienced builder, you will be able to learn some new skills and techniques from my electric guitar building articles. I walk you through examples of different techniques for cutting out electric guitar bodies, shaping necks, carving tops, installing and soldering electronics, and most important of all I explain many different ways of building guitars. Most of my articles discuss three or four different styles of the same guitar building process. For example, I will explain several different styles of electric guitar necks, then I will explain different ways of building each style neck. For instance, I will walk you through several different ways to cut and glue a scarf-jointed neck. All of these electric guitar building articles are coming soon. Keep checking back in, as I update this site with new articles regularly.

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