Guitar Building and Repair Books and Resources

The subject of building and repairing guitars is quite vast. There are many different aspects to building, restoring, and maintaining guitars. I believe every good repairman and luthier should start a library of reference books and materials to aid them in properly repairing instruments. It is important to have a large knowledge base of guitar repair techniques when you are presented with a repair that you have never done before. If you have a considerable library, you will always be able to go back and reference master luthiers like Benedetto about building and repairs.

Over the years, I have read many guitar building and repair instructional books. Each book seems to have its strengths and weaknesses. I have compiled a list of books and reference materials that you will find helpful in performing your guitar repairs. I categorized my guitar library below. Please follow the links to my recommended books.

Guitar Repair Bench E-Books

Guitar Setup Guide Ebook

Guitar Building Books

Guitar Repair Books

Guitar History Books

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