Electric Guitar Pedals and Effects Books and Resources

Electric guitar pedals can be fun to use to create unique sounds and tone. Pedals can also be confusing to set up or frustrating when you are looking for a certain tone. I have compiled a list of useful guitar pedal and effect books. Some of these book deal with subjects like how to set up your rigs and others are electric guitar pedal repair guides.

Electic Guitar Pedal and Effect Books

A Manual for Getting the Sounds from Electric Guitars, Amplifiers, Effects Pedals and Processors

An essential manual for getting the best sounds from electric guitars, amplifiers, effect pedals and digital processors! This book/CD pack features easy-to-follow instructions, with more than 75 photos, to teach the basics of guitar tones and effects. The accompanying CD provides audio examples.

Readers will learn: anatomy of the electric guitar; controlling the electric guitar; getting a good clean tone; overdrive, distortion and fuzz; using equalizers; compressors and limiters; noise reduction; modulation effects; reverb and delay; special effects; multi-effect processors; getting a good tone through your PC; famous effected guitarists; and much more!

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The Ultimate Guide to the World’s Most Popular Compact Effects for Guitar

Why have guitarists bought over seven million Boss compact effects? Read this book and you’ll understand! The Boss Book includes: the story in complete detail of every Boss compact effect ever made; super color photos, design history, trivia, tricks and secrets; candid interviews with the Boss founder and design engineers; essays on musical trends and famous players; and much more.

As a bonus, the accompanying CD features 72 guitar sounds with control settings and detailed equipment set-ups so you can take your guitar playing to another dimension!

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A complete how-to package for the electronics newbie on how to modify guitar and bass effects pedals

This package will teach you exactly how to modify and custom tailor each of your effects pedals to your needs and tastes. No experience needed! Includes: * Complete details on how to modify OVER 80 DIFFERENT EFFECT PEDALS! * Basic Definitions and Concepts of effect pedals, their circuitry, and mods * “Walkthroughs” of various circuits – what all those parts do, and what you can change it to

Detailed close-up pictures of the pedal’s circuit boards showing where the parts are located * Where to get parts and what kind to get * Download videos included: how to modify effects, how to solder/desolder * All About Components, the different types, and what they do in guitar pedals * How to read and understand schematics * Installing Pots and Switches to control mods * Installing a Pot in place of a Resistor (add your own bass/ mids/ treble controls!) * True Bypass Box Diagram * Most pedals have several different modifications that can be performed, all included!

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The Ultimate Source for Guitar Tricks, Effects, and Other Unorthodox Techniques

The ultimate source for guitar tricks, effects, and other unorthodox techniques.

This book demonstrates and explains 45 incredible guitar sounds using common stomp boxes and a few unique techniques, including: pick scraping, police siren, ghost slide, church bell, jaw harp, delay swells, looping, monkey’s scream, cat’s meow, race car, pickup tapping, and much more.

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Starting with the dawn of effects building and continuing to the present day, this detailed compendium investigates effects pedals and how they can supercharge a guitarist’s sound. Experienced player Dave Hunter offers insight from the top builders and tips on how to get the most from each pedal.

The author also dissects chains used by top guitarists in creating memorable recordings. The accompanying CD features standard as well as unusual sounds from a wide range of pedals, and classic combinations used by the guitar greats.

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