Acoustic Guitar Building Articles and Instructions

Acoustic guitar building is an art form and a skill that can take a lifetime to master. Acoustic guitar building is far more technical and requires a greater attention to detail than electric guitar building. I have fallen in love with building acoustic guitars. Finely built acoustic guitars are some of the most beautiful looking and sounding instruments on the planet. The best thing about building your own custom guitar is being able to play it.

Acoustic guitar building requires far more work and technique than electric guitars requires. With every step in building an acoustic guitar, it is important not only to know the technique but also the logic and reason behind the guitar design. There are some great acoustic guitar building resources on the web, but I feel like none of them are comprehensive enough and easy to follow. My goal is to write instructional articles about every process of acoustic guitar building, so you can easily follow along. I will not only build a kit acoustic guitar but also an acoustic guitar from scratch.

My articles will cover everything from choosing wood type to choosing finishing materials. I also will have articles explaining every different style of acoustic guitar building. For example, there is a hand full of different ways to make an acoustic guitar neck. I will walk you step-by-step through how to make a scraf-jointed neck, solid neck, a ply neck, glued heel neck, bolt-on neck, and a dove tail neck. Each one of these designs requires a different technique and different setup. I will also discuss different acoustic guitar designs, brace patterns, fret patterns, and body styles. With all of my articles, I will explain the tools that you need to get the job done as well as tool care and maintenance.

All of these articles are coming soon. I update my website regularly; Please check back soon, so you can start your acoustic guitar building project.

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