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Want to see the newest guitar articles on Guitar Repair Bench? You came to the right page. Here’s a list of the newest guitar articles that you should check out! Learn some new guitar repair and building techniques for your next guitar project.

Repair Your Acoustic Guitar Fretboards

Repair Acoustic Guitar FretboardsFretboards can develop any number of different problems over years of use, especially if the fretboards are not maintained. Many older fretboards become dry and brittle because they are not conditioned or humidified properly. Learn how to fix fretboard cracks and properly maintain and condition your acoustic fretboards.

Routing out the Body Cavities in My PRS Semi-Hollow Body Guitar

PRS semi-hollow body route body cavitiesThe next stage in my PRS guitar build is to map out and route out the body cavities. Since it is a semi-hollow body guitar, there are two additional bodies cavities along with the neck and electronic cavities. Check out the latest update on my PRS project.

Acoustic Guitar Finish Repair

Acoustic Guitar Finish RepairYour acoustic guitar’s finish can have all kinds of problems, as you play it over the years. Use and abuse of the instrument as well as the weather conditions ruin acoustic guitar finish. Learn how to fix lacquer cracks, finish scratches, finish bubbles, and how to drop fill dents.

What Guitar String are Right for You?

Guitar String End BallsGuitar strings come in all kinds of sizes, styles, and even colors. Every brand claims that its guitar strings are the best and give your guitar the best tone, but what strings are actually the best? Maybe a more important question is what guitar strings should you use?

How to Setup Your Floyd Rose Bridge– AND Keep it in Tune!

Floyd Rose Bridge SetupAlthough the Floyd Rose design might be the best floating tremolo system, it still comes with its headaches and frustrations. In this article, I’ll show you how to setup and maintain your Floyd Rose bridge to keep it in tune and playing great.

What are Fretboard Binding Nibs?

Guitar Fretboard Binding NibsThe binding nubs basically act like a decorative fret end cap. Gibson is famous for putting nibs on their Les Paul bound fretboards, but other guitar manufacturers like Rickenbacker and Gretsch do the same thing. Fretboard binding nibs look great, but how do you work with and around them?

Polish Guitar Frets the Right Way

Polish Guitar FretsOver time the sweat from your fingers and the grease and dust from the fretboard show their wear on your frets. No one wants to have dirty, dull frets, so how do you polish your frets to make them look new again? It’s easy; let’s get started.

Fret Leveling Bars

Fret Leveling BarsI just finished my next batch of fret leveling bars.

They are officially done and ready to ship. Check out my fret leveling bar page to order your set today!

Fender Guitar Serial Numbers

Fender Serial NumbersThe Fender serial numbers tell the story of the company over the years. Unfortunately, the serial number placement is sporadic and many serial numbers over lap between years and models. In many instances, there is no exact known date for a specific guitar.

That is why I decided to write this article. I want to help you understand how to tell the age of your Fender as well as any Fender you see…

Guitar Pots. How do they work?

Guitar PotsGuitar pots to many beginning guitar builders and modifiers can be somewhat confusing. What type of pot do you need for a volume knob? What is the difference between a 500K and a 250K pot? There are countless questions that beginners have. In this article, I hope to give you a basic understanding of how guitar pots work and information to help you decide what pot to use on your next guitar project…

Acoustic Guitar Bracing Patterns

Acoustic Guitar Brace PatternsAcoustic guitar bracing is traditionally made out of lighter weight woods like Sitka Spruce. Light woods are usually desirable because they don’t dampen the vibrations of the guitar body. When the strings are played, they vibrate the bridge, which transfers energy to the top of the guitar. These braces help reinforce the guitar body as well as transfer the tone. Heres is an overview of guitar brace construction and a few examples of the traditional guitar brace patterns…

Lower Acoustic Guitar Action

Lower Guitar ActionAction is probably the most important part of any guitar setup. Proper acoustic guitar action not only controls the comfort and playability of the guitar, but it also helps the guitar stay in tune and maintain intonation. I have developed a three step process to lowering the action on an acoustic guitar. You must adjust the neck, nut, and bridge…

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