Fret Beveling Files

Fret bevel files are used to remove the sharp burr on the edge of guitar frets after the frets have been installed on your guitar. If you take a look at your guitar frets, you will see that the edges of the frets have a slight angle or bevel to them. They are not flat or square edges. Fret bevel files create these perfect angles on the fret edges.

The fret bevel file consists of a machinist’s file that is mounted into the edge of a piece of wood or plastic at a 35-degree angle. Half of the file is sticking out of the block and the other half is firmly glued in place.

How to bevel your fret edges.

Beveling your fret edges is quite simple. First, place the wooden block on top of your frets with the file hanging off the side of the fretboard. Second, bring the file in toward the ends of your frets. Once the file is touching your fret ends, you can push the block up the fretboard. Make sure to use a smooth, fluid motion to prevent inconsistencies in your fret bevels. Run the fret bevel file up the frets a few times until you get a smooth, uniform fret bevel on all of your frets. Now all you have to do is deburr the edges of your bevels and you are ready to play! Please see the fret installation page for more information about beveling fret ends and deburring fret ends.

How to make your own fret beveling file.

Tutorial coming soon!

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