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Kathy Matsushita
Kathy is a true luthier and teacher. She has tons of great information for starting your own shop and building your first guitar.

Reede Guitars
Reede builds beautiful, fine acoustic, electric, and archtop guitars.

Clevenger Guitars
Bert is a great electric guitars builder who offers many high-quality unique designs.

Duvoisin, Swiss Made guitars and basses
Duvoisin & Co applies the traditions of quality Swiss workmanship to the making of guitars and basses. He applies the strictest quality standards in his manufacturing techniques

Zebulon Turrentine - Handmade Classical Guitars
Zeb builds guitars with a robust, sweet sound that host a very simple, elegant beauty.

Luthier Organizations

13th Fret
Dedicated to the acoustic guitar and all things related.

Guild of American Luthiers
Shares information and inspiration for musical instrument makers.

Musical Instrument Makers Forum
An online community of people who build or who want to build musical instruments, and have questions to ask or information to share about construction, design or repair.

Luthier Resources and Supplies

Build Your Guitar
Martin Koch's site about guitar building and repair. This site is full of great repair and building tips as well as a huge list of luthier resourses. Martin's book is, in my opinion, the definitive electric guitar building guide. If you don't have a copy of it, go buy one! It's worth it.

Musical Forests Inc. - tonewood & lutherie supplies
Naturally seasoned tonewoods for the construction of fine handmade musical instruments. Specialty woods harvested selectively, hand-split, sawn and seasoned properly. Lutherie supplies in Tops, backs & sides, necks, instructional books and plans etc. We also supply tonewood kits.

J.S. Bogdanovich Guitars
Handcrafted concert classical guitars by John S. Bogdanovich. Information on guitar making, guitar making classes and a line of high quality guitar making kits and supplies including books, dvds, templates, molds, workboards, tools and wood.

Guitar Parts & Spares
W.D. Music Products UK - suppliers of guitar parts and guitar spares to the U.K. and Europe.

Allen Guitars and Luthier Supplies
Allen guitars sell many different raw and premade building materials from wood and inlays to fretboards and back/side sets.

Guitar Building Templates
This is a great site and great company. I have bought templates from them before and the templates are amazing!

Guitar Plates is the guitar industry's FIRST customization company specializing in engraving pictures, logos, and any other image or text onto guitar neck plates and pickup covers.

Parts is Parts
A great parts supplier for electric and bass guitar parts and electronics as well as amp replacement parts.

Universal Jems
All kinds of parts, bodies, and necks for your guitar projects.

Marigny Music
Great place to get inexpensive, high quality parts for your guitars.

LuteHole Products, Inc.
The world's finest soundhole covers.

Kinman Pickups
Hear the difference, Feel the difference, Make the difference and transform your guitar into a Zero-Hum beauty with more musicality than you ever heard.

Ducks Deluxe
Tons and tons of great resources for guitar builders and guitarists. Lot of great products and resources

Sweet Guitar Sites that you have to go to.

21 Frets
Awesome site with tons of info about Japanese Fenders. Left Handed Guitar Resource
A great resource for everything about left-handed guitars.

Left Handed Guitar
A great site that every left-handed guitarist should go to.

Ibanez Rules
Ibanez guitars For Sale or Trade, the finest in High end player and Collector models. New or Used.

Guitar Wars
Great online community of guitarists with tons of resources and guitar tabs.

Forever Joe
Awesome Site for everything Joe Satriani.

A site all about Strats.

Guitar Alliance Hands-On Guitar Training
Guitar Alliance guitar lessons are the fastest way to increase your guitar playing abilities. With guitar tab, audio, video, and more. A complete guitar instruction course.

Other Guitar Repair and Building Sites

Tele Modders
A sweet site with all kinds of resources and information about building and modifying Fender Telecasters.

DIY Guitarist
This is a great site with all kinds of links and resources for repairing and building guitars.

Project Guitar
All kinds of information and articles about building and customizing guitars.

SRV Guitar
Sweet Site for everything SRV.

Guitar Man
Acoustic Guitar tips and suggestions for playing and maintaining your acoustic guitar.

Great site for everything Strat--Go check it out.

Jim Fogarty
Amazing custom airbrush artist. Jim specializes in high quality, custom artwork and guitar finishing.

Guitar Repair Shops

Adam's Music Repair
Offering a complete range of guitar repairs and setups as well as guitar repair training courses.

Guitar Lessons

How to Play Guitar
A great site with lessons on just about every playing style there is. Instructors are friendly and the videos are easy to follow.

Guitar Lessons
GuitarMasterClass is a place where you can improve your musical skills and meet people with similar interests.

Glenn Weiser
Renowned guitarist, teacher, and writer. Many excellent lessons for numerous instruments and playing styles.

Guitar For Anyone
Free online guitar lessons. Learn guitar online at Learn chords, riffs, songs, guitar tabs, guitar notes, blues guitar, strumming and much more. All lessons are free.
Online Guitar Lessons - Learn How to Play Guitar: guitar chords, scales and more.
Free online classical guitar tabs, midi, lyrics, tips beginners to advanced. Covering songs, plucking technique, arpeggios, chords and much more.

Guitar Lessons
Learn guitar from professional instructors around the world. All musical styles. All skill levels.

FreeLicks Guitar Lessons
Free video, TAB, backing tracks
Learn How to Play Guitar | Learn Guitar Online| Free Guitar Lessons
Lead Guitar Made Easy

Online Guitar Books
Online Guitar Books, a great resource for guitar teachers and players

Pink Floyd Guitar
Pink floyd tabulature, lessons, gear, music and more

Online Guitar Lessons
Learn to play guitar from home with unlimited access to online video guitar lessons from a variety of professional guitar teachers.

Easy to Play Guitar Songs
Easy to Play Guitar Songs.

Full Score Guitar Lessons
Learn to master the guitar with these complete guitar lessons. Free guitar lessons online from beginner to advanced.

Black Burn Guitar Lessons
Mick Smith: Guitar, Bass and Banjo Tutor for Blackburn">Blackburn Guitar Lessons.

Learn-finger investigates the world of fingerstyle guitar. You'll find fingerstyle guitar lessons, tips on equipment, reviews of instructional materials and more.

Guitar Music, Chords, and Lyrics
A collection of guitar music chords,tabs and lyrics ranging from rock, country, jazz, American and Irish folk, to classical and traditional hymns, including Christmas songs.

Total Guitar
Online Guitar Lessons, Dvd Guitar Lessons, Guitar Software. Beginner -> Advanced.

Offers steel guitar courses, books, CDs, videos, and accessories. Free classified ads. Toll-free number, fast service.

Guitar Nation Live
Great lessons ranging from topics for the complete beginner to advanced.

Fingerstyle Blues
Fingerstyle Blues is the online fingerstyle and country blues guitar Resource. Free lessons in a variety of styles and skill levels, transcriptions, tablatures, downloads, videos, blues history and artist profiles.

Offers steel guitar courses, books, CDs, videos, and accessories. Free classified ads. Toll-free number, fast service.
Free online guitar lessons from beginners to advanced. Featuring lessons on chords, scales, arpeggios, technique and much more.

Start Playing Guitar
By reading articles that inform without overwhelming: Guitar selection, buying guides, all about amplifiers, reading TAB and sheet music, chords, care, more... Why wait?

Martin Dardis
Irish Lyrics Guitar Chords And Sheet Music.

Personalized Music Lessons
Private music instruction taking each student to their next level. Bass, guitar, piano, acoustic bass and general musicianship for all instruments including singers and songwriters. Beginners welcome. Over 25,000 hours in the teacher chair guiding students to their musical goals and dreams.

Buttwinick Musical Services
Offering a variety of professional musical services including: show coordination, music preparation, private music lessons, veteran bass playing, songwriting and live music. Thirty-five years in the business and over 25,000 hours in the teacher chair guiding students and clients to their musical goals.
A great source of free lessons and guitar resources.

All Guitar Chords
Chord finder, including split chords and chord variations. Also features standard and exotic guitar scales.

Guitar Instruction
Info, philosophy, lessons and comprehensive instructional materials for guitar players of all styles and levels.

Guitar Tab Books
Billboard Top Rated DVD & CD Guitar Lessons

Guitar Learning Tips
Guitar Learning Tips is a website designed for those eager to learn to play the guitar. The site is structured in 3 main categories that I consider to be the most relevant to guitar playing: Music Theory, Guitar Technique and Ear Training.

Guitar Lesson Cardiff
Guitar Teachers in Cardiff and the surrounding areas. Lessons for all levels. Guitar Lessons
Check out the world-leading rock and metal guitar methods from the instructor to the stars! Beginner to pro. We rock. So can you!

Music Theory Site
Awesome website with everything there is to know about music theory for guitar.

Learn To Play Rock Guitar
Beginner rock guitar lessons for n00bs and rusty rockers. From chords basics to maintenance, gear to song instruction, you'll find it here. Heck, with some practice, you could wind up being a real "Guitar Hero"!

Guitar Tabs and Music Books

Guitar Tabs Archive
Free Guitar Tabs and Chords Archive.

Music Stores

Sounds Great Music
Sounds Great Music are suppliers of music equipment and musical intruments to beginners and music professionals alike. We have over 20 years of experience in working as a trusted partner with top international brands such as Martin, PRS, Schecter and Vigier. You can shop with confidence at Sounds Great Music.

Access Music
A great collection of new and vintage affordable music gear!

The Acoustic Guitar
The Acoustic Guitar offers the best selection of high-end guitars, mandolins, ukuleles, and banjos in Western Canada.

Drum Stores in Toronto
At Drumland in Toronto we provide a large selection of drums and equipment along with private drum lessons for all ages.

Music School Toronto
The New Conservatory of Music in Toronto is the largest private music school in Toronto providing music lessons to more than 1600 students weekly.

Hand percussion - Djembe Drum
Djembe African Hand Drums Factor and Outlet , producing musical instruments.

Hand Drum
The best Djembe Cajon & Hand Drums online store

Guitar Resource Sites
— Pickup Switch UpgradeTM products. Get Amazing Tones Without Changing Your Pickups!

Guitar Site
One of the best guitar website databases online.

MLD Guitars
Great resource for guitarists looking for luthiers, guitar companies, and repairman.

CleverJoe's Musician Resource
A popular musician resource centre for the Canadian and International music industry. Band resources, new and used music gear, supplier links, music publications and more.

Music Directory
A Web directory listing the best music sites.

Guitar Dictionary
An online glossary of guitar terminology.

Online Free Guitar Lessons
Great site with all kinds of guitar lessons and articles.

Guitarlickers is all about - yep, you guessed it - guitar playing.

Guitar Websites
Links to the best web sites for Guitarists

Guitar Gear and Accessory Sites

Sully's Straps
Fine handcrafted professional quality instrument straps for guitar, banjo, mandolin, and dobro. Sully's Straps - Hangin' around fine musicians everywhere.

South Mountain Woodworks
Unique hardwood guitar stands, designed to offer a level of security and support, not found in any other display stand. A versatile and stable piece of handcrafted furniture that provides a home for, as well as compliments, the finest instrument in a musicians collection.

Legacy Straps
Guitar Straps and Saxophone straps in exciting designs, patterns, colors and styles.

Guitar Finger Slide for Sale

Audio Nova
Audionova Inc. Bass Amplifiers, Guitar Effects Pedals and Guitar Cables for Musicians

Aria Guitars Plus offers guitars for all playing styles. You will find the absolutely best deals on the latest Aria Solid Body Electric Guitars, Hollowbody, Acoustic, Classical, Basses, and Mandolins. Free shipping on most models.

Voyce Electronics
Custom built all valve guitar amplifiers in the UK.Modifications,rebuilds and repairs.

Mini Effects Pedals carries Mooer effects which are mini guitar pedals.  Mooer's mini effects pedals are high quality mini guitar pedals that give you a lot of bang for your buck!

Other Music Lessons

Online Piano Lessons - Piano DVD
Adult & Beginner Piano lessons online, Free Tutorial

South Wales Music Lessons
Music lessons for beginner to advances players in Cardiff and South Wales.

Other Great Music Related Sites

Drums - Drum Sets
The best selection of drums, drum sets, recording gear for drums and percussion instruments.

Drum Shields
Get clear percussion sound in churches, sound studios and on stage with ClearSonic acrylic drum shields.

Wedding Band Cardiff
A collection of the best wedding bands Cardiff and South Wales have to offer.

Instrument Wire
Used guitars and musical instruments for sale.

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